Are you considering a career as a civil engineering? You are on the right track as there are many benefits that come with it.

New facilities are always being constructed. The already existing facilities need civil engineers to maintain them. These two factors make civil engineering to be in high demand. Many public facility jobs are government funded; therefore, if a private company stops constructing new facilities you can always look for a job in the government.

Job growth: in addition to civil engineers being in high demand, they also have the benefit of growing in their careers. A recent study done by the bureau of labour has shown that employment for civil engineers is expected to grow by 11% over the 2008-2018 decade.


Career Opportunities After Diploma In Civil Engineering:-


There is a great demand for civil engineers in India and it is also expected to get a boost as the country gets ready to upgrade its infrastructure with growing economic and political clout in the world. The career opens a lot of opportunities in numerous government departments. Civil engineers are employed in all major construction projects carried out by central and state government agencies. 


There are equally good opportunities in the private sector for civil engineers. A major opening for qualified civil engineers is also in armed forces where they can make vital contribution to the protection of the country. Last but not the least you can set up your own engineering consultancy.


After having diploma in civil engineering students may have any of below career opportunity

  • Further education

  • Jobs in government organization

  • Jobs in teaching field

  • Jobs in private sector as civil engineers/consultants

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